New Construction Inspections

At GSD Property Inspections, my job is to make sure only one home matters, your home. Your home should be safe for you and your family. Even experienced builders can have unexpected issues occur during construction. Whether it’s the builder or a subcontractor’s error, if caught early enough, you can avoid costly repairs or, even worse, having to destroy already constructed areas of your new home.  

Ideally, you would want to have any home under construction inspected before drywall is in place and after the building is complete. A new construction inspection allows me to review areas of the house before they are hidden from view, drawing your attention to potential weaknesses in the home’s construction that you’ll want the builders to repair before agreeing to the final terms of purchase.

Four Phases of inspection:

Foundation Inspections – The foundation walls will be inspected for structural integrity and cracking before it gets backfilled. Foundation inspections are essential; they let you know that your home is built on solid ground.

Pre-drywall Inspections – Before the walls are in place, and wiring, posts, studs, plumbing, trusses, and any other critical structural items are still visible, a pre-drywall inspection allows for a thorough inspection of these soon to be hidden areas. Any necessary repairs can be performed before drywall, saving you time and money.  

Final inspections – This phase looks at all the structural components that are visible and unfinished areas in the basement or attic. The fit and finish for all the cosmetic items in the house are also looked at.

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